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As an alternative to the "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "12 Step" recovery monopoly, which is a hallmark of addiction recovery in the United States, the "All Recovery" models offer different strategies that appeal to a broader audience. These models maintain structured meetings but without the emphasis on spirituality or higher powers. They promote dialogue within a semi-formal meeting structure. The diversity of the "All Recovery" caters to individual preferences, enhancing the effectiveness of addiction recovery by accommodating various viewpoints and recovery needs.

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Overdose Death Rates in Portugal vs United States

In 2019, the overdose death rates in Portugal and the USA were significantly different:

This analysis underscores the stark differences in the results of drug policy and treatment methods between Portugal and the United States. It reveals that, notably, the United States experiences a significantly higher rate of deaths, with the figures showing a staggering 72 times more deaths per million people in comparison to Portugal...