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As an alternative to the "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "12 Step" recovery monopoly, which is a hallmark of addiction recovery in the United States, the "All Recovery" models provide a comprehensive framework for addressing addiction recovery, offering different strategies that resonate with a wider audience. These models uphold structured meetings but shift the focus away from spirituality or reliance on higher powers, instead fostering open dialogue within a semi-formal meeting structure. This diversity is a strength of the "All Recovery" approach, as it allows for personalization of recovery efforts, acknowledging that different individuals may have varied preferences and needs during their recovery journey. Within this inclusive and flexible framework, "All Recovery" models also recognize the importance of personal choice in the journey towards recovery, emphasizing that we believe in the principles of moderation or pure abstinence. This acknowledgment ensures that individuals who are exploring their relationship with substances can find a path that aligns with their personal beliefs and goals, whether that involves moderation in use or complete abstention. By accommodating these varied viewpoints and recovery needs, the "All Recovery" models enhance the effectiveness of addiction recovery efforts, making them more accessible and relevant to a broader segment of the population.

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Overdose Death Rates in Portugal vs United States

In 2019, the overdose death rates in Portugal and the USA were significantly different:

This analysis underscores the stark differences in the results of drug policy and treatment methods between Portugal and the United States. It reveals that, notably, the United States experiences a significantly higher rate of deaths, with the figures showing a staggering 72 times more deaths per million people in comparison to Portugal...